Citimarine Starts Operations in Panama

Citimarine Panama

Citimarine keeps expanding its presence in the world, now branching out and operating in Panama City, Panama.

“This is a great success for us” said Javier Ripoll, Citimarine’s CEO and Director. Two years ago, Citimarine opened up its procurement branch, Citimarine Services, to offer sales and procurement services to the marine industry around the world. Over the years Citimarine has developed relationships with a vast network of top brands, manufacturers and exclusive distributors in the maritime industry allowing them to offer low-cost wholesale pricing for a wide-range of products.

Before officially establishing Citimarine Services in Panama City, one of Citimarine’s biggest client was the Panama Canal. “It made sense for us to start operating in Panama, since we had been supplying the Panama Canal for a long time with all sorts of marine products for their ongoing operations”, added Ripoll.

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ety of companies worldwide including boat and marinas maintenance, marine construction, off-shore operations, shipbuilding and marine transportation companies.

Citimarine has set the wheels on motion to position themselves as a leader in supplying several markets such as the oil industry, military, boat building, dockside operations and service companies.

For more information about the services offered by Citimarine Services, contact them here.


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